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Bea Lourrainne C. de Guzman is the name. I'm just a simple girl and i’m the kid next door's imaginary friend (: no, I haven't lost my's backed up on a disk somewhere. So, yeah. Welcome to my blog. Hope you enjoy :)))
10 reasons K-dramas will ruin your future love life



Ever wondered why that person you had been eyeing for weeks just rejected you in a flash? Ever questioned why the love of your life, after years of being together, just threw you away (sorry to the recent singles!)? Well, chances are that you were taking lessons from the wrong teachers, possibly from K-dramas. Here are 10 ways your endless nights of K-drama marathons may contribute to transforming your happy love life into a terrible one:

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" I’m starting to build walls again. "
�Six Word Story (via nakowewe)